Episode 165: A Dog’s Way Home

Em from the Shelf Aware podcast is back to help launch the 2023 All The Good Dogs Reading Challenge by tackling our first book of the year and its movie counterpart – A Dog’s Way Home

Did we take on too much watching a movie AND reading a book? Or are we just filled with a lot of opinions?


Reading Challenge: https://gooddogspodcast.com/index.php/2023-reading-challenge/

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Episode 156: Olive, Mabel, and Andrew Cotter

Andrew Cotter joins the show to talk about his second book, Dog Days, and of course all things dog! Andrew is the man behind doggy super stars and goodest girls on the internet, Olive and Mabel – just don’t call him their dad! We talk about the overwhelming fame from their viral lockdown videos and what it was that appealed to everyone so much.


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Get your copy of Dog Days

UK: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Dog-Days-Year-Olive-Mabel-ebook/dp/B09FYWSBSS

US: https://www.amazon.com/Dog-Days-Lockdown-Olive-Mabel/dp/1728265460

AU: https://www.amazon.com.au/Dog-Days-Year-Olive-Mabel-ebook/dp/B097RYP3ZZ


Episode 155: Book Club – Tomorrow by Damian Dibben

Its our birthday (almost) and Anna from the Shelf Aware Podcast is here to celebrate with our yearly tradition – book club!

Tomorrow by Damian Dibben is a charming dog POV novel that took us to places we weren’t expecting. From the genre, to the characters, we dive in deep to what we loved about this romp through history and what just didn’t hit the mark.

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Episode 152: Olivia Pritchard and Jasper

Photographer Olivia Pritchard joins the show to talk about her new book MUTTS a celebration of mystery mixed breeds (released Sept 20th 2022). Olivia discusses all things photography, from how she chose the dogs for her book, which ones really stuck with her and she reveals some of the special techniques she used when photographing them.

Plus! We talk about Olivia’s own special mutt, Jasper, and all the other wonderful dogs she’s had throughout her life.

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Episode 151: Michelle Dumont and Phoebe Cakes

Author Michelle Dumont joins the show to talk about her new childrens book, Phoebe Cakes and Friends: An Alphabet Tail (released Sept 13th 2022). We talk about her special pup Phoebe, how she came into Michelle’s life and how she inspired her to finally start writing her childrens book series.  Plus! We talk about  the current best boy and goodest girls in her life, Fritz, Pepper, and Maggie.


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Episode 128: Book Club – How to Howl at the Moon


Anna from the Shelf Aware Podcast is back for another book club and this time, its Kate’s ultimate genre, gay (M/M) romance with dogs!

How to Howl at the Moon by Eli Easton, features dog shifters! We debate the lore, what works for us, and what doesn’t. And of course the romance! Is Sheriff Lance a great romantic hero? Is he better as a human or as his dog Chance? And does his romantic interest Tim, deserve better? 

We also talk about rating and reviewing books and how we hold tightly onto giving out those 5 stars.

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Episode 118: Book Club – Paw Enforcement


Anna from the Shelf Aware podcast is back for another book club!

This time we are tackling the dog mystery genre, which was much bigger than either of us expected and boy did we pick an interesting one! Choices were made with Paw Enforcement by Diane Kelly and not all of them were good. Will be be able to find anything redeeming when everyone, including the dog, are just so damn angry? You’ll need to listen to find out!

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Episode 105: Steven Rowley, Lily and Tilda


Author Steven Rowley joins the show this week to talk about his best selling novel, Lily and the Octopus, his latest novel The Editor, but mostly importantly, DOGS. 

We talk about how Steven’s debut novel, dedicated to his life with his beloved dog Lily, became a huge success and is now being made into a feature film. We also discuss the adventures in the book and how difficult the sadder moments were to write.

Not forgetting the new love of Steven’s life, Tilda, his rescue terrier, who often wonders when she’ll get a book of her own.

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Episode 102: Arty and Book Club


Its the third anniversary and Anna from Shelf Aware joins the show to talk about her very good boy Arty and also a book!

We are dissecting A Boy and His Dog at the End of the World by C.A. Fletcher and spoilers are abound. If you don’t want to know what happens in this one before you read it (and we strongly recommend you don’t) Go! Read it before you tune in!

But if you do, you will be delighted to to hear our uneducated theories on electricity and technology, weird doggy match-making, and whether we would be hoarders or preservers for the future.

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