Episode 152: Olivia Pritchard and Jasper

Photographer Olivia Pritchard joins the show to talk about her new book MUTTS a celebration of mystery mixed breeds (released Sept 20th 2022). Olivia discusses all things photography, from how she chose the dogs for her book, which ones really stuck with her and she reveals some of the special techniques she used when photographing them.

Plus! We talk about Olivia’s own special mutt, Jasper, and all the other wonderful dogs she’s had throughout her life.

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Episode 151: Michelle Dumont and Phoebe Cakes

Author Michelle Dumont joins the show to talk about her new childrens book, Phoebe Cakes and Friends: An Alphabet Tail (released Sept 13th 2022). We talk about her special pup Phoebe, how she came into Michelle’s life and how she inspired her to finally start writing her childrens book series.  Plus! We talk about  the current best boy and goodest girls in her life, Fritz, Pepper, and Maggie.


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Episode 141: Help the Dog Fly


Inspired by her own experience of bringing a dog from Thailand to the UK, Marta from Help the Dog Fly joins the show this week to talk about her project uniting dog adopters and travellers to escort them. What is a traveller volunteer? You can find out how to get involved!

Plus! Marta has two very good girls of her own, listen to her story about adopting Teaspa, a Thai dog, during the start of the covid pandemic. And we also talk about Ikisi, how she came into her life and the games she loves to play.

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Episode 140: Gideon Shepherd


Stephanie is here to dish the dirt on her best boy Gideon. From his ruff start to now living his best life, you’ll hear about his obsession with critters and what exactly Izzy thinks of having a new brother.

Episode 138: Presley and Taylor, Rocky and Ryder


Country stars Presley & Taylor join the show this week to talk music, dog adoption and life with their own loveable, crazy pooches.

We talk about the ladies new single The Storm, and their sweet song Choose Me, about a dog who finds its forever home. Dog adoption is important to Presley & Taylor, and you’ll hear about the work they do as ambassadors for the PEDIGREE Foundation as well as their upcoming event with The Nashville Humane Association.

Most importantly we talk dogs! Presley and Taylor each have a dog, and a third family dog who visits often. You’ll hear about the adorable trio, how they join the ladies on tours and if they really like their music.

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Episode 137: New Year, Same Dogs


The first episode of 2022 sees us playing catch up. What did we get up to over Christmas and New Year?
Stephanie has some Izzy tales from the dog park, Gideon’s first Christmas, and ….some unsolicited d**k pics?
Kate has some big, sad stories of her dog pack, Christmas miracles, and ….poop eating?
Plus we’ve got dog spots and a bit of cat talk. Its a must listen episode!

Episode 132: Bert and Phoebe


Emma joins the show this week to talk about the loves of her life Bert (Bertie) and Phoebe.

Listen as Emma talks about Bertie’s rags to riches story. From a street dog, to foster fail to the number one man in her life. Then Phoebe, her crazy but very lovable labrador who likes to get stuck into everything, including gross things on her walks.

We talk toys, treats, outfits (!!) and just how important pets are in Emma’s life.


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Episode 125: Ollie


Jennifer from the Macabre Traveler podcast joins the show to talk about her best boy Ollie. From their love at first sight meeting to Ollie’s obsession with fetch, you’ll hear lots of great stories about this Boston boy.

But that’s not all! Jennifer reveals that she not only has one very good doggo in her life, but two! You’ll also hear about the fabulous Gertie.

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Episode 121: Penny (and Dakota)


India from Southern Queeries joins the show this week to talk about her goodest girl Penny who was rescued from the streets of Mexico. Listen as we discuss their life before they moved to the USA and the differences with owning dogs in the two countries. We also talk a little about Penny’s brother, Dakota!

India also has some insights into dog culture in Mexico, what its like and how its changed over the years.

Episode 120: Cayenne, Seamus (and Franky)

Sue joins the show this week to talk about her companions  Cayenne, Seamus and her recently lost love Franky. Listen as we talk about how they came into her life, how they compete in agility (they’re pugs!), plus their favourite foods, toys and all unique things that make them special.

Sue also has some wonderful stories from past dogs in her life, from perfect Nelly, to Baxter and Olive. We also get a little side tracked with … horses? Oh and deer and bears! What do they have to do with dogs? You’ll find out, only if you tune in.

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