Episode 156: Olive, Mabel, and Andrew Cotter

Andrew Cotter joins the show to talk about his second book, Dog Days, and of course all things dog! Andrew is the man behind doggy super stars and goodest girls on the internet, Olive and Mabel – just don’t call him their dad! We talk about the overwhelming fame from their viral lockdown videos and what it was that appealed to everyone so much.


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Episode 152: Olivia Pritchard and Jasper

Photographer Olivia Pritchard joins the show to talk about her new book MUTTS a celebration of mystery mixed breeds (released Sept 20th 2022). Olivia discusses all things photography, from how she chose the dogs for her book, which ones really stuck with her and she reveals some of the special techniques she used when photographing them.

Plus! We talk about Olivia’s own special mutt, Jasper, and all the other wonderful dogs she’s had throughout her life.

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Episode 151: Michelle Dumont and Phoebe Cakes

Author Michelle Dumont joins the show to talk about her new childrens book, Phoebe Cakes and Friends: An Alphabet Tail (released Sept 13th 2022). We talk about her special pup Phoebe, how she came into Michelle’s life and how she inspired her to finally start writing her childrens book series.  Plus! We talk about  the current best boy and goodest girls in her life, Fritz, Pepper, and Maggie.


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Episode 147: Dave Chawner & The Underdogs


Comedian Dave Chawner joins the show to talk about his new stand up routine celebrating none other than… dogs!

We talk about why dogs are better than humans, ponder what it is that makes them so amazing, plus we talk a bit of doggy politics, and Dave has a controversial confession – he wasn’t always a dog lover. Find out how he redeemed himself.

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Episode 138: Presley and Taylor, Rocky and Ryder


Country stars Presley & Taylor join the show this week to talk music, dog adoption and life with their own loveable, crazy pooches.

We talk about the ladies new single The Storm, and their sweet song Choose Me, about a dog who finds its forever home. Dog adoption is important to Presley & Taylor, and you’ll hear about the work they do as ambassadors for the PEDIGREE Foundation as well as their upcoming event with The Nashville Humane Association.

Most importantly we talk dogs! Presley and Taylor each have a dog, and a third family dog who visits often. You’ll hear about the adorable trio, how they join the ladies on tours and if they really like their music.

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Episode 108: Team Golden Oldies

Lisa from Team Golden Oldies joins the show this week to talk a subject pretty close to her (and Kate’s) heart. Senior dogs!

Lisa has been adopting senior dogs for some years and every one of them has had a special place with her. She shares the highs and the lows of adopting older dogs and has some wonderful insights about what magic they bring to a persons life.

Plus! We talk about Lisa’s current pack. From some sad histories to the loving home where they now spend their days. Who is hitting their weight goals? Who is the president of PEA? Who went missing for 24 hours? And so many other wonderful stories you just wont want to miss.

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Episode 105: Steven Rowley, Lily and Tilda


Author Steven Rowley joins the show this week to talk about his best selling novel, Lily and the Octopus, his latest novel The Editor, but mostly importantly, DOGS. 

We talk about how Steven’s debut novel, dedicated to his life with his beloved dog Lily, became a huge success and is now being made into a feature film. We also discuss the adventures in the book and how difficult the sadder moments were to write.

Not forgetting the new love of Steven’s life, Tilda, his rescue terrier, who often wonders when she’ll get a book of her own.

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Episode 40: Adam Murphy and Boo


Artist and animator, Adam Murphy took some time out of his busy schedule to talk about his career at Disney and working on some of the most iconic cartoons from the 90s. We talk Winnie the Pooh, Darkwing Duck, The Little Mermaid 2 and discuss how much work went in to bringing to life the dogs in Lady & The Tramp 2. We also chat about his current job at Animal Logic and his company Welly’s Wonders. And of course no episode is complete without talking about his pets!

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Episode 13: Caroline and Cruz


This week I chat to Caroline Zambrano, Australian Pet Journalist about her career as a pet writer, her life with pets and the current love of her life, Cruz.

Show notes:

Caroline tells me about her dog Cruz (1:00) his quirky habits, the trials of training and his favourite treats. We discuss how she got into Nosework (16:40), what its all about and how working with Cruz has made her a more conscious parent.

Cruz loves to play and we discuss the best games and toys Caroline has found for such a giant dog (27:35) but despite this, he’s also an extremely calming dog in Carolines family (35:44).

We get into Caroline’s life with dogs, growing up in Turkey (36:50) and how losing them over the years affected her (45:40), her career, and her initial bonding with Cruz (59:44).

We get discussing Caroline’s career in pet journalism (1:00:42) and how she initially wanted to be a vet. Her first job as a news reporter (1:10:45) didn’t turn out quite as she expected but it was a start that led her to become the editor of Dogs Life Magazine (1:14:38) and PR work. We discuss the favourite story she’s written (1:27:38) and her ideal piece (1:32:48).

Finally, Caroline tackles the two big questions at Pups n PopCulture, favourite thing about pet parentship (1:39:00) favourite dog in pop culture (1:48:47) and participates in a PnP tradition (1:56:42)

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