Episode 150 – 150th Q and A

Its our 150th episode and we are celebrating with an extended Q and A session. We discuss some great submitted topics like: are humans really dogs best friend or did we force it on them? And how many dogs are too many? Plus there are some startling revelations about favourite mixed breeds. We also recast Buffy the Vampire Slayer with dogs! Do you agree with our choices?


Episode 124: How much is that poop worth?

Its Q and A time! After an unintended hiatus, we asked for your best dog questions to get back in the swing of things and you delivered!

We answer the important topics like, do big dogs mock little dogs? Who would Jazz and Izzy be if they were on SVU? Aussie vs American dog culture. Are our dogs our friends?

Plus! Stephanie has a story about POOP and Kate gives the details of her new job.

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Episode 101: Recasting SVU as …DOGS?


We’re back! New name, new look, same dogs!

We thought we’d ease new and old listeners back into things with a fun doggy Q & A but as usual we get a little side tracked by many other very good dogs.

Topics this week include, dog anxiety and what we’ve done to deal with it. Why dogs smile. Favourite foods and if they like cats. Then we get down to the business of recasting the tv series Law & Order: SVU with a great bunch of dogs. Will you agree with our choices?

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